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Our online access to Kern County public records data is the most convenient way to look up Tax Assessor data, property characteristics, deeds, permits, fictitious business names and more. No CD's to load, no concerns about dated information.

Connect from the office, home, road or around the world. Access vital information from any internet connection with one easy-to-use interface.

Our subscription service saves you hundreds of dollars. No hardware or software to buy, no costly technical support, instant setup.

If you need instant integration with your data we can help. can provide a custom Web Service that allows your company to retrieve all the information on directly with your data. Use our data in any way you want - formatted the way you want.

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Sales 08/24/23 - 09/29/23 Recent Sales Map
Recent Trustee's Sales Map Trustee's Sales Map
Recent Default Notices Map Default Notices Sales Map
New Features
Added base date to comparable sales allowing comps to run from a previous point in time

StreetView - Added StreetView feature to the mapping

Queue Feature - Add, remove and view items easily from one centralized location

Added Fictitious Business Name information

Added interactive Recent Default Notices Map

Added interactive Recent Trustee's Sales Map
and much more...