Online Data Access

Our online access to assessment and characteristics public records is the most convenient way to look up property assessment information for all properties in Kern County California. No software needed*, no CD's to load, no worry about dated information.
Available Information:
  • Secured Properties
  • Unsecured Properties
  • APN (Assessor's Parcel Number)
  • ATN (Assessor's Tax Number)
  • File Number
  • Assessee Name
  • Billing Address
  • Situs Address
  • Legal Description
  • Tax Rate Area
  • Use Code and Description
  • All valuation and Exemption Information (Current and Roll Being Prepared)
  • Residential Property Characteristics (where available)
  • Commercial Property Characteristics (where available)
  • Billing Information (Including supplemental events)
  • Transfer Information (Recorded Document data)
  • Liens, Foreclosure notices etc. (Recorded Document data)
  • Permits
  • Redemption and Delinquency Payoff Information
  • Assessor Parcel Maps
  • GIS Data - Lat/Lon
  • Interactive Maps
  • Comparable Sales using distance parameters
  • Driving directions
  • Fictitious Business Name Information
  • Much more...

* Web Browser and internet access required.

Minimum recommended browser versions:
Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0 - v7.0 recommended,
Mozilla Firefox v1.5,
Opera Software Opera v9.2,
Apple Safari v3.0
or an equivalent browser capable of supporting css and JavaScript.
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    $29.95 15 days
    $40.00 monthly
    $440.00 annually
  • Multi User Accounts
    $40 per month each for accounts 1-3
    $34 per month each for accounts 4-6
    $28 per month each for accounts 7-10
    $23 per month each for accounts 11 +
    annual discounts are available

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New Features
Added base date to comparable sales allowing comps to run from a previous point in time

StreetView - Added StreetView feature to the mapping

Queue Feature - Add, remove and view items easily from one centralized location

Added Fictitious Business Name information

Added interactive Recent Default Notices Map

Added interactive Recent Trustee's Sales Map
and much more...