New Features

New Improvements and Capabilities
This is a list of the current and new features.
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 New Features
  • Map displayed on results page
  • Search screens show only what is being searched
  • Search screens auto-suggest on almost all fields
  • Tabbed results
  • User Selectable Result display (available to registered users only)
  • Map extent and type selectable (available to registered users only)
  • Latitude, Longitude (available to registered users only)
  • Parcel Width, Length (available to registered users only)
  • More robust legal description (available to registered users only)
  • Driving directions to almost every parcel (available to registered users only)
  • Favorite properties - allows registered users to save up to 25 properties (available to registered users only)
  • Account Edit - Allows users to change account specific information including passwords and user id's (available to registered users only)
  • Account Image - Allows users to upload a company specific banner - used in certain reports (available to registered users only)
  • Wider design - allows for more data to be shown
  • Fewer pop-up windows - all data is displayed in one screen
  • More data shown on list screen
  • Permits - increase of permit history from 17k records to over 100k records
  • Scroll feature on list screens now scroll in consistent direction
  • Comparable Sales report allows sorting of results
  • Comparable Sales report allows removing selected comps from results
  • Comparable Sales automatically maps comparables
  • Comparable Sales allows for comparables on all types of property

New Features
Added base date to comparable sales allowing comps to run from a previous point in time

StreetView - Added StreetView feature to the mapping

Queue Feature - Add, remove and view items easily from one centralized location

Added Fictitious Business Name information

Added interactive Recent Default Notices Map

Added interactive Recent Trustee's Sales Map
and much more...