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Our online access to assessment and characteristics information is the most convenient way to look up property assessment information for all properties in Kern County California. No software needed*, no CD's to load, no worry about dated information.

Information includes:

  • Secured Properties
  • Unsecured Properties
  • APN (Assessor's Parcel Number)
  • ATN (Assessor's Tax Number)
  • File Number
  • Assessee Name
  • Billing Address
  • Situs Address
  • Legal Description
  • Tax Rate Area
  • Use Code and Description
  • All valuation and Exemption Information (Current and Roll Being Prepared)
  • Residential Property Characteristics (where available)
  • Commercial Property Characteristics (where available)
  • Billing Information (Including supplemental events)
  • Transfer Information (Recorded Document data)
  • Liens, Foreclosure notices etc. (Recorded Document data)
  • Permits
  • Redemption and Delinquency Payoff Information
  • Assessor Parcel Maps
  • GIS Data - Lat/Lon
  • Interactive Maps
  • Comparable Sales using distance parameters
  • Driving directions
  • Fictitious Business Name Information
  • Much more...

* Web Browser and internet access required.

Payment options:

  • Single user 
    $9.95 2 days
    $14.95 5 days
    $29.95 15 days
    $40.00 monthly
    $440.00 annually
  • Multi User Accounts
    $40 per month each for accounts 1-3
    $34 per month each for accounts 4-6
    $28 per month each for accounts 7-10
    $23 per month each for accounts 11 +
    annual discounts are available

¹ Single user price

New Features
Added base date to comparable sales allowing comps to run from a previous point in time

StreetView - Added StreetView feature to the mapping

Queue Feature - Add, remove and view items easily from one centralized location

Added Fictitious Business Name information

Added interactive Recent Default Notices Map

Added interactive Recent Trustee's Sales Map
and much more...