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A Trustee's Sale is conducted by a trustee under the stipulations of a Deed of Trust. Upon default the trustee is authorized to foreclose the mortgage and put the property up for a trustee's sale. The proceeds are then distributed by the trustee according to the priorities listed in the deed of trust

Note: This information is derived from public records and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Property identification is based on Assessee Name as compared with the Recorded Document Name. Due to the method of determining property location, there may be some inconsistencies with multiple residences or common names or individuals owning multiple properties.

Confidence: We provide confidence in the location of the property. If we determine low confidence it indicates that the individual who has been filed against owns several properties and we cannot accurately determine which property or properties are in default. Low confidence also may indicate that the individual who currently owns the property in question was speculating and owns other properties that may not be subject to a trustee's sale.
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