Custom Extracts

Purchase Data
The following pricing information should assist you in determining what data you need. We can customize extracts based on any criteria, if it's not listed here feel free to ask.
E-mail or Call us at 888.871.7205 Toll Free for quotes on all custom extracts.

 Standard Extracts
  • Roll Being Prepared Extract (approx. 450k records)
    • $350.00 Per Extract
  • Current Year Roll and Billing Extract (approx. 450k to 520k records - depending on date)
    • $350.00 Per Extract
  • Redemption Roll Extract (approx. 37k records)
    • $350.00 Per Extract
  • Residential property characteristics
    • $4,500.00 (initial purchase)
    • Annual updates - $1500.00 (after initial purchase)
  • Commercial property characteristics
    • $1,500.00 (initial purchase)
    • Annual updates - $500.00 (after initial purchase)
 Customized Extracts
  • $0.06 per record ($350.00 minimum)
  • Annual updates - (specific, per requested data) CALL
 Available File Formats
.csv Comma Separated
.txt ASCII fixed length text
.xls Excel
 Available Media
  • FTP - Free
  • E-mail - Free (but limited by the practicality of sending)
  • Compact Disc - $5.00 per disk
 On-Line access



New Features
Added base date to comparable sales allowing comps to run from a previous point in time

StreetView - Added StreetView feature to the mapping

Queue Feature - Add, remove and view items easily from one centralized location

Added Fictitious Business Name information

Added interactive Recent Default Notices Map

Added interactive Recent Trustee's Sales Map
and much more...