Important Dates

Important Tax Cycle Dates
The following is the tax cycle time-line with explanation.

 Date Specific Events
  • January 1 - Lien Date - All annual assessments are based on the ownership and what the property consisted of as of this date.
  • Jan 1st - 15th - Typically during this time unsecured property tax forms (Forms 571x) are mailed to taxpayers, which are to be completed and returned by April 1.
  • April 1 - Unsecured property tax forms (Forms 571x) are due.
  • April 10 - Second installment delinquency date for secured tax bills. All payments after this date will incur a 10% penalty and a $10.00 advertising cost fee.
  • April 15 - Registered letters are mailed to taxpayers who have not returned their property tax forms by April 1.
  • May 1 - Deadline for returning property tax forms (Forms 571x) to avoid 10% penalty.
  • May 15 - Courtesy notices are sent to inform taxpayers that they have not yet paid their secured tax bills. Property will go to redemption if not paid by June 30th.
  • June 30 - Approximate date for the close of secured and unsecured tax rolls. This process is commonly referred to as "enrollment" - where the Assessor delivers the assessment roll to the Auditor Controller who begins preparations for producing the tax bills.
  • June 30 - Fiscal year end.
  • July 1 - Fiscal year begin.
  • July 2 - The first day an application to appeal assessment values may be filed.
  • July 15 - Approximate date when the Treasurer-Tax Collector creates unsecured tax bills.
  • July 15 - Approximate date when the Treasurer-Tax Collector creates redemption file for all unpaid secured bills from the prior fiscal year.
  • August 15 - Approximate date when the Auditor-Controller extends all special assessments, submitted by special districts, to the assessment rolls being prepared for billing.
  • August 31 - Delinquency date for unsecured bills that were produced in the month of July.
  • September 15 - Approximate date when the Treasure Tax Collector creates the secured (lien date) bills. Mailing takes place about a week later.
  • November 30 - Last day for taxpayers to file an application of appeal for a reduction in assessed value.
  • December 10 - First installment delinquency date for secured (lien date) bills that were produced in September.

 Re-occuring Events
  • 16th of every month - Supplemental bills are generated. Mailings take place within the following 4-5 working days.


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